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Pet Passports

Pet passports are really handy. They make it easy to identify dogs and cats and let officials check things like rabies vaccinations instantly.

Making travelling with pets easy

A pet passport is the popular name for the Pet Travel Scheme, which started out in Europe but is now used in lots of other parts of the world. All EU countries recognise pet passports as do Croatia, Gibraltar, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland, although Sweden have some extra requirements. Once your pet has one, you can travel between countries that have signed up to the Pet Travel Scheme without needing quarantine.

Your pet's identity is checked through a microchip fitted under their skin. It can be read instantly using a wand scanner. These microchips don’t cause pets any discomfort and will be compulsory for all dogs in England and Wales by April 2016.

Rabies vaccinations

After the microchip has been fitted, every pet must be vaccinated, even if it has already had a rabies vaccination. About a month after the rabies vaccination has been given, your pet's blood will be tested to make sure the vaccination has taken. You’ll then be given your pet passport and be ready to fly!!

The Pet Passport scheme allows people who travel regularly the ability to easily take pets with them, enhancing both the life of the owner and the pet itself.


In the same way you would take out travel insurance for yourself we would strongly advise you take out insurance for your pets, all major insurance companies have policies available that will insurance your pet during their overseas journey. High Tails do not provide any cover or insurance for your pets. Your current provider may be a good port of call but for bespoke options or one way migration insurance it’s advisable to contact a specialist broker. We would recommend the following:

Please be aware it is the pet owner’s responsibility to liaise with your vet and ensure all the documentation is in line with UK standards well in advance of travel.

Pet Passport
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